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"Friends Come in all Ages & Places"

Please read below terms and conditions.

Who can registered?
1. If you are a current student of the Institute for the Physically Handicapped (IPH).
2. If you are a former graduate of the Institute for the Physically Handicapped (IPH).

What are the benefits?
1. You will receive an e-mail, when a member is registered or update their information.
2. You can get hold of your buddies.
3. This site will help uniting all IPH graduates all over the World.

Privacy Statement
This site will never send you unsolicited e-mail or sell, rent, or otherwise provide your e-mail address to any other party. This site does not take any responsibility, if anyone misuse any information you are providing here.

Please Note
1. Required fields are marked with a red asterick." * " = required
2. Please pay attention while writing your e-mail and URL information, as it is case sensitive. Example:e-mail : "" is not same as "". URL: is not same as http://IPHALUMNI.TRIPOD.COM
3. IPH Alumni will occasionally contact you by e-mail/postal mail/phone if any information is missing or not accurate. Your response to that inquiry is required within 30 days or your name will be removed from Alumni site. All current students are requested to write class year in the field of Year of graduation in registration form. Example: 2nd year PT student. Thank you for your cooperation.



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