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Future of Alumni

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"Friends Come in all Ages & Places"

This site is an unofficial site of IPH Alumni, maintained by Prakash Sahoo.
Various sources has been used to gather information about IPH. Although care has been taken in preparing the information contained here, neither alumni members nor me makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information retrieved from these pages. Some information within these pages has been copied from College publications or retrieved from the College's administrative mainframes, but please be aware that the "official" sources of this information must take precedence over this information at all times.
'IPH' logos are registered official mark of IPH.
This site is not sponsored by or affiliated with IPH.
For official information please contact IPH directly.
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This site was established on 15th March 1999 and is always under construction.
All the graphics & text in this site are protected under copyright. All rights reserved.

Purpose of this site Hopefully this site will help in uniting all IPH students & graduates all over the world.

Hi, I am Prakash Sahoo, (IPH 29th batch OT). I need everybody's help to make this site successful. Any suggestions, Criticism you might have to offer, will be extremely appreciated. Please help this site by spreading the word.
For questions related to admission to IPH etc, contact IPH directly by postal mail. For general questions related to therapy, you can contact this alumni, I will do my best to help you out.

I would like to give special thanks to following person(s) for their help in creating this site.

  • Veena Slaich. (Asstt. Professor OT and HOD of OT Deptt. IPH)

    Some Facts!
    Do you know that this site has been registered under many search engines including indian search engines. Such as AltaVista, Hotbot, Lycos, Khoj, Infoseek, Search India and many more. To locate this site search under "Education" then under "colleges, medical, alumni" or simply type "IPH alumni".

    The Future Goals are

  • To have an independent site with a Domain name. (
  • To have at least 5MB web space
  • To have over 1000 members to get sponsership for this site.

    Contact me at
    While you are visiting here, you are welcome to visit my home page.

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